Our Story

Formerly known as Tarot with NiharrikaBeyond Gratefull was founded in 2019 with the purpose of helping people find direction & clarity. At Beyond Gratefull, you can manifest success, joy, and happiness through Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Meditation and Energy Healing Practices. This brand is a product of years of spiritual practice by our founder Niharrika.

Beyond Gratefull stands for the idea that we are a part of the limitless universe and there is always something to be Gratefull for. Although Niharrika has always been spiritual, her practice of daily gratitude started back in 2013 with the onset of a social media trend - #100happydays. The practice of looking for happiness in your daily life for 100 days made her realise the importance of appreciating small moments from each day & embrace conscious gratitude.

Meet Niharrika Singhal

Niharrika has been connected to the spiritual world since childhood. She found herself picking up dusty horoscope books at her Granny’s house which she couldn’t put down. As she grew up, her interest grew in the field of psychology and specifically in helping and guiding others. She became the natural counsellor in her friend and family circles. In 2018, she picked up Tarot Card Reading out of sheer curiosity. In no time, she found herself taking it up professionally. Since then, Niharrika has brought positive change to hundreds of lives.

She also teaches Tarot Card Reading and has been using Healing Crystals for around a decade now. Having benefited from the experience of crystals, she wants to spread the joy of healing with crystal meditation.

Formally, Niharrika has an MBA and she started this brand while she was working in the corporate finance world. After working for almost 10 years, in 2021 she finally took the leap of faith to take up what matters to her the most – empowering and supporting others’ spiritual growth & healing journey.

She is a firm believer of Karma and innate energies around us. She is also a certified Pranic Healer at an advanced level, possesses the knowledge and skill to create various types of candles, including those with healing properties & a Mental Health Advocate.

  • Shweta Sharma

    Niharrika's reading was very insightful and true to a great extent. The guidance she provided was logical and made sense. I would say consult her to find that peace of mind with a practical advice. 😍

  • Astha Goyal

    Hi Niharika I am Extremely grateful 🥰for your readings and guidance during a phase in my life when i had no idea what will happen next. thank you of your time.

  • Shreya Pawar

    Just hoping to have that unbelievable changes further n will not wait to share with u..thank u so much....💖💖💖💖💖 n another ting even i didn't got tired as i used to get before some days .. i felt that change

  • Suvajit De

    She seemed to be establish a logic connection by joining the dots she also predicted few possibilities which i would keep a tab on to see how they materalize .Thanks Niharrika😍😍